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TOP 9 SITES TO CHECK WHEN YOU ARE LIKE "Man, I don't remeber this word!"

1. Easy Define - although the definitions are not illustrated in this dictionary, it has a lot of features that will brighten any English teacher's day

2. Exemplar - Words in Context - you type in a word and press the search button - you see an ocean of sentences containing this word. So you click this word in the sentence and it takes you to ... (give it a try and you'll see)

3. Lexipedia - the way this dictionary presents synomyms and related words makes it easier for the user to notice even the weirdest of lexemes. A thesaurus gone wild!

4. Oxford Collocations - this dictionary has made itself indispensable for many a scribbler!

5. Reverse Dictionary - put simply the guys behind this dictionary have stood the original purpose of a dictionary on its head. Also called a back dictionary.

6. American Corpusa helluva lot of words used in the US press

7. British Corpus -- is the domain of English usage.

8. Wordsmyth is not strictly a dictionary. It's a tool that will enhance your word stock significantly. Its special value in its generating features.

9. Idiomcenter - this site will be of great use when you are scratching your head over the meaning of some Russian (or English) idiomatic phrase. FOR BILINGUALS ONLY.